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After 20 years of working as a Clinical Social Worker, predominately in leadership positions, I created Leap4th Coaching. This change in career paths allows me to use my clinical, managerial and coaching skills to help leaders and up-and-coming leaders move from Ordinary to Outstanding. I am passionate about working with people who want to grow and develop professionally, allowing them to have a major impact within their workplace. As a Leadership & Life Coach, I work with professionals, like yourself, who know they want to take the next step in their life or career and/or in their abilities as a leader.


  • As a certified Personal Brand Specialist, I am able to offer my clients the opportunity to participate in the 360Reach survey which helps them to understand their strengths, weaknesses and personal attributes from the perspectives of people (personal and professional) in their lives. With this information, they can identify areas of growth as well as develop goals to build on their strengths.
  • I am also a Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach® which allows me the opportunity to coach my clients on Social and Emotional Intelligence. I begin with an assessment of S+EI skills. I use the SEIP® which gives myself and my clients insights into their strengths and potential development needs. We then create a plan for strengthening their social and emotional intelligence. Social + Emotional intelligence is a form of intelligence that drives our success in work and in life and in our relationships with others” Laura Belsten, PhD founder of the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence®.

The Coaching Process:

  • Coaching with me is likely different than with other coaches. My experience of working closely with people over the past 20 years has allowed me to develop sharp listening skills. I am often able to hear “the unsaid”. I use this information to challenge my clients to move from status quo.
  • I will often encourage my clients to dig deeper rather than stay at the surface level of change.
  • Once my clients have made new discoveries about situations and/or themselves, we move into them taking action from this new place.
  • I share my knowledge, tools and insights when I feel that they can be beneficial for my clients.

What I can promise you:

  • You will be more motivated to take action that may have once felt impossible.
  • You will feel less fear and more excitement around change.
  • You will feel more grounded and confident in knowing ‘you’ which will reflect on to others and lead to more opportunities for yourself.
  • You will gain better self awareness and self management.
  • The skills and tools you learn will flow into all areas of your life.
Clients who are most successful with me are motivated, want to make a change, are willing to take risks (in and out of coaching), and like to laugh and have fun during the calls.

My services:

  • One to one sessions: One to one sessions are 30 or 45 minutes to allow for flexibility with busy schedules.  They range from two to four times per month and are done by phone, FaceTime or Skype. For clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, sessions can be in person.
  • Power sessions: A Power session is a two hour session followed by a 1 hour follow-up session.  This is helpful for clients who need to make a decision or change quickly.  These are done by phone, FaceTime or Skype. For clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, sessions can be in person.
  • Leap4th Coaching Cafe:  Leap4th Coaching Cafe is an opportunity to experience Coaching in a small group setting in the San Francisco Bay Area. A Coaching group is a great place to meet and grow with others in a supportive environment.
  • Workshops/Trainings: Workshops or trainings at your place of employment or in the community focused on Social and Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, Noticing the Negative Self Talk that Keeps You Stuck, and others upon request.
  • Personal Branding Coaching Package: A 12 session coaching package focused on helping you develop your personal brand. It includes the 360Reach Survey, one-on-one coaching, video tutorials and a workbook.

“Danielle Siegel is incredibly perceptive and sharp, and has an energizing presence. I am continually impressed by her ability to distill important nuances from confusion, and address the root of the matter. In addition to being a person of substance, she has a creative and fun personality, and is a pleasure to work with.”

Laurel H., Real Estate, St. Paul MN


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