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Danielle has been instrumental in helping me grow significantly both professionally and personally. She is an incredible listener who listens to not just what you’re saying but more importantly, what is left unsaid. She asks such insightful questions that help you dig deeper into the very core of the issue. She is not afraid to challenge your long-held beliefs and assumptions. I especially liked how she suggests one specific actionable item to focus on, at the end of each session. She coaches in a very genuine, caring and positive manner that it’s always so pleasant even when talking about the most vulnerable topics. As a result, I’ve become more self-aware than ever before, and I can honestly say my life has become fuller and happier in every aspect. She is an exceptional coach that I would highly recommend her.   

Tricia K., Biotech, San Francisco CA


I started working with Danielle Siegel after I began a new job in which I was struggling to see my value. The opportunity to work with Danielle couldn’t have come at a better time.  Danielle and this process have been amazingly succinct in helping me to figure out what I need to focus on and what I need to set aside in order to be the professional I want to be. As a result of our work together, I have been able to MC an event of about 250 people without the sheer panic I would have had a few months ago, I received an email from my new boss stating ‘you’re having an amazing impact despite the odds’, and I have figured out ways to fit working out into my schedule. One of my favorite things about working with Danielle was celebrating success.  Danielle is so good about stopping and noting the things I might not recognize as worthy, giving it a shout out and moving on.  Coaching with Danielle was worth the investment!  We came up with successful, useful tools at the very first session and I’ve received value at every session moving forward.

Stef B., Architect, Portland OR


Danielle led a three day “off site” for our team. She has positive energy, optimism and sharp problem-solving skills. She asked the right questions at the right time to focus the group on a particular issue. She was helpful to the process by using games and activities to build group cohesion, highlighting the strengths of individual members and the group as a whole. I learned an insane amount just by watching her, and I left the retreat feeling confident that we could shape our program into an evidenced-based power house of mental health intervention!”

Jonathan B., Clinician, Oakland, CA

Danielle Siegel is incredibly perceptive and sharp, and has an energizing presence. I am continually impressed by her ability to distill important nuances from confusion, and address the root of the matter. In addition to being a person of substance, she has a creative and fun personality, and is a pleasure to work with.

Laurel H., Real Estate, St. Paul MN


I started working with Danielle Siegel because I had just left a job I was unhappy with and wanted to figure out what I wanted to do next.  Danielle helped me understand what my values are and how to make decisions in-line with those values.  She also helped me see where I get in my own way of achieving my goals.  By leading me to identifying my values and my “saboteurs,” Danielle helped me not only in matters of my career, but in how I approach decisions and challenges.  Danielle is warm, intuitive, and encouraging (while also able to call you out when needed…).  I am deeply grateful for her support as my coach during a difficult time, and I am also grateful for the tools she gave me to handle any future challenges that come my way.

Madelaine E., Educator, Portland ME

As my life moves towards another period of change and transition, my amazing coach Danielle Siegel, was paramount in helping me look to my future with excitement and positivity. With her supportive approach and incredible intuition, she helped me explore all areas of my life and get clear on what needed focus.  Danielle took the time to really connect with me and create a safe environment where I could share openly and without reservation. Thank you Danielle!

Alison C.,  Non-profit Art Organization Ontario, Canada


I immediately felt comfortable engaging with Danielle Siegel as my life coach – her long history as a therapist and supporting demeanor were both big pluses. Still I had my doubts about how we would get from where I was to where I wanted to go, and Danielle proved to be more than capable to help me outline a framework for moving forward, but where she surprised me was with her creativity and intuition – each session, she knew what to focus on, even when I didn’t, and each time it proved to be exactly what I needed to move ahead. So when the going gets tough, like it did for me, it’s time to call in a life coach – and for that I would highly recommend Danielle.

Rachel D., Writer, New Orleans LA


Before working with Danielle Siegel, my Dissertation was going nowhere! After a few sessions I was on track and can now see the end in sight. Danielle provided the structure I needed as well as the support to get me moving forward.

Tara C., Clinical Supervisor, San Francisco CA

I decided to start working with Danielle Siegel because I was looking for a change/improvement in my career.  I also wanted to improve the quality of my life (physical health, finance and  physical environment).  Danielle has helped me to stick with a regular exercise routine, and I am taking steps towards changing my career path. I have really benefitted by finding a clear voice and mantra for my goal/purpose.  It has also helped that Danielle has held me accountable to my action steps.  I would and have recommended Danielle to friends who are stuck or lost in some area of their life or who know what they want, but they can’t see a clear path to getting there. 

Jessica P., Registered Nurse, San Francisco, CA


I really enjoyed working with Danielle Siegel. Even though our sessions were by phone, she could really see through to the heart of who I am and, for me, that’s important. She always knew the best course to take for me personally. I am very grateful for her support, encouragement and the thought-provoking questions she asked. Thanks to her, I have some new coping skills and new ways to be there for others.

Tracy K., Photographer & Artist, London, Ontario Canada

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